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Q- Can you guarantee delivery in time for Christmas?

A- We can yes, on everything! BUT order asap though as stock sofas are selling out very fast indeed and the factory that makes our 'Royal English' fabric sofas (where it says hand made in 14 days, delivery asap after) is at full production now and delivery spaces are already filling up fast even though its still September. (See delivery Explained to make sure you are within our delivery area)

Q- Why are Sofa King Prices so cheap? How do you do it and still sell quality sofas?

A- Simple, lots and lots of sofas sold over the last 18 years with small profit margins on each sofa, we don't employ commission earning sales staff or over paid managers and we keep our costs down by only having one centrally located showroom. We strive to ensure quality that matches and even surpasses rival 'expensive' corporate sofa stores but keeping our prices Sofa King Low.

Q- Can you take away our old sofas when you deliver the new ones?

A- We do yes its £65 payable to drivers direct on delivery, put a note in additional comments at checkout if you require this service, it may seem a lot but 'recycling centers (as they like to be called now) charge a fortune for business, we don't make any money taking away old sofas its a service to help if needed. Remember its free to take your own sofas to the tip or most councils offer a pick up service which will be cheaper.

Q- What sofas do you have on display in The Sofa King showroom? 

A- If you click HERE you can see what we do have on display in our showroom and it changes every few weeks depending on whats on offer and stock levels, we would love to show off all the designs we sell here on line but the showroom would need to be as big as the O2.

Q- On the Royal English Sofa King fabric sofas that are hand made to order in 14 days can we choose a different colour or fabric other than what's here on the web site?

A-Yes you can! in our showroom we have over 100 fabrics to choose from, we are unable to list them all on the web site as the list would go on and on but the ones listed here on line are our most popular colours/fabrics, but if you prefer a different colour/pattern or fabric its definitely worth a trip if you live near our Sofa King showroom click here for directions 

Q- Can you send swatches on the fabric or leather out in the post?

A- All the fabric swatches are in our showroom but we are unable to send out samples in the post sorry.

Q- Can i return a sofa if I don't like it?

A- You can yes but you need to check the T's and C's with regards to returning sofas especially if its a 'hand made in 14 days sofa' for terms and conditions click here

Q- Where do you deliver too?

A- If you click here (Delivery Explained) it shows a map of where we deliver too, if your town is in the green, blue or purple section then your in luck we can deliver too you and for FREE!

Q- Can we collect if we are outside the delivery area?

A- You can yes, you will be contacted once your sofas are ready to collect for opening hours click here 

Q- Why is my order still saying pending?

A- Once you order and pay the status of your order will quickly change from 'awaiting fulfillment' to 'pending' which just means your sofa is being picked from stock or the manufacturer now has your order and has started making it. Then it will change to 'awaiting shipment' which means you will be contacted within a few days to sort out delivery once we schedule a delivery run to your area which will be within the time scale for details of delivery time click here

Q- Why can't Sofa King deliver the next day?

A- We use our own delivery staff to deliver our sofas and set them up in the room of choice for free, that way we know the sofas are delivered safely and with-ought damaging them,  we deliver all over the UK so we need to arrange delivery 'runs' ie deliver up to 10 sofas a day and during the sale we are busier then ever but we try our hardest to deliver as fast as we can. Lots of internet shops advertise next day delivery but sofas are delivered on a pellet and left outside your house and its up to you to get them in and set them up (we do all that for free) or once you pay they then tell you they cant deliver the next day but to refund you would take ages so they hope customers will wait. 

Q- How fast is delivery?

A- We deliver within 28 days during our Sofa King amazing Summer SALE (read all about delivery here) to make sure we can deliver to your area for free. When we are less busy we can deliver within 7 days.

Q- Can we collect from Sofa King?

A- Yes you can, from our Northampton showroom, we will need photo id and the card you used to pay when you collect which helps eradicate fraud.

Q- Do you have a Sofa King showroom?

A- We do yes in Northamptonshire, we can't display all the sofas we sell here on line as the showroom is not that BIG but you can see what we do have on display by clicking here

Q- How long has the Sofa King been trading?

A- 18 Years! we have seen so many changes in retail, we used to have lots of showrooms but realized a few years ago 90% of our customers were buying our sofas on line, so we closed all but ONE showroom which enabled us to reduce our prices even more which has kept our prices Sofa King Low!

Q- Are you anything to do with SOFA KING in Scotland or sofakings?

A- NO we are not! We have noticed a few copy cat sofa Kings opening up especially on line so be careful our solicitor has been informed! 

Q- Can i telephone you?

A- You can yes on 01327 227390 the office is in the very busy showroom so staff are often dealing with customers if you get the answer machine just leave a message and we will call you back.

Q- Is it true the Sofa King name was banned?

A- No! the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) banned an advert 10 years ago because 3 people in the UK  complained about our slogan 'where the prices are Sofa King low' We appealed against the ban and a judge ruled in our favour, I later found out it was a large corporate sofa store that had complained when the manager came in on his last day and explained, apologized and bought a sofa!. Silly really its what helped make us the UK's number one independent sofa store we are now, so big lol

Q- Do you offer finance?

A- So called interest free finance is not interest free! Its added the price of the sofa so we choose to keep the prices low and not offer finance, if you can get finance in a sofa shop, you can get a credit card on line in seconds, then buy a sofa outright, pay the card off quickly and every month and that way you get to save money not buying an over priced sofa! 

More questions and answers soon 

The Sofa King